Sanadata English

Special Center For Designing internet sites

Special Center For Designing internet sites

Sanadata English
Special Center For Designing internet sites and multimedia.
The respectable manager;
Respectfully hereby we beg to inform you that SANA DATA possessing several-year expenences as the Special Center in the case of designing internet sites, multimedia under web software and E.commerce.
We proudly announce that this company executed hundreds Of governmental and non governmental projects.
-         Possibility of defining and managing several sites.
-         Defining users by different accessibility rights.
-         Managing surface for changing the appearance of the site.
-         Creating pages by tree structure.
-         Professional date editor for creating paragraph pages.
-         Creating menus and submenus.
-    Professional system of news management.
      -     Management of files and branches.
      -     Communications system and FAQ.
      -     Presentation of web site tree map.
      -     Banners’ management and sit’s advertisement.
      -     Mobile sentences (news, foreign exchange rate , stocks,…)
      -     Events management.
      -     Presentation of print version of pages.
      -     Archive of sit’s pages in the previous dates.
      -     Professional statistics of visitors.
      -     Form maker system.
      -     Links’ management.
      -    Group web log
      -     Associations.
      -    Photo gallery.
      -    Membership form of visitors.
      -    Creating virtual exhibition and shop center.
      -    Possibility of creating web directory.
      -    Support system of data banks.
-         Polling
-         Drafting organizational chart.
-         Staffs’ information.
-         Regulations management.
-         Reporting climate of Iran and all other countries of the world .
-         Mail server.
-         8 new security layers(security management) such as installing hardware token of vesco.
-         Reports’ management.
-         Date output to Excel.
     “The most intellectual website designe with different services.”
 Sub group portals:
-         Organizational portal.
-         Articles portal.
-         Advertisement portal
-         Download portal.
-         link portal.
The following examples are in the site of the company:
1.    Shirin Asal company.
2.    Azadi carting automobil club.
3.    Moein Bargh industrial company.
4.    Moultamadia electronic store of Dubie.
5.    Ghalate Ghaem scientific-operational college.
6.    Tusheh bar international transportion company.
7.    Concerete and construtional engineering material company.
8.    Kia system computer company.
9.    Industrial companyn of Iran sakht crane.
10.                        Agricultural company  of Iran koud.
11.                       Lotion material company of you 1.
12.                       Contractual company of Asam Andish .
13.                       Bar Afarin chemical material company.
         Best Regards.       Tel : +98 21 440 50 905  -  +98 21 440 51 908
Unit 6  , Sobhan ,Ayatolah  kashani st, Sadeghiyeh  sq. Thehran Iran.



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